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Friday, September 6, 2013

red::a five-minute friday post

i wore a coca-cola sweatshirt
and a bright and shiny dress.

i wore a sweetheart-collared t-shirt
and a cozy, comfy fleece.

all in bright, cherry red
cool, not warm, on the color wheel
and they all made me feel
like a million bucks.

some people steer away from red
but me
like a bug to a light in the night.

and here i sit
past the hours of the red-eye

for another
who makes me feel like a million bucks
a friend
a sister.

flying into the morning sky
with her back to the glowing
red sky
ah, yes.


Five Minute Friday
today's prompt:  RED
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Friday, August 16, 2013

small::a five-minute friday post

this summer has been a much-needed unplugging.
just a time to be.
a time to slow down and savor.

in fact, i've been away from most of this online space for so long that i had to pause for a second in order to remember my log-in information.

and it has felt glorious.

no pressures to perform or compete or keep up with any kind of schedule. (albeit all self-imposed)
no feeling of stress to squeeze out words when none could be found.

just me.
and my family.
in what most would deem a small little world.

and i've done a lot of talking and listening and laughing and reflecting.
and just looking into the eyes and hearts of those whom God has placed into my life.
and i'm amazed how very much i truly like them.

you may laugh but not every parent of a 12 and 13 and 14 and 16 year-old could say the same.

and i'm reveling.

in the moments
that lead up to hours
and days and months and years.

that once seemed to drag on so small and slow.

oh, i see how this is going.
that He redeems every last one of them
and i'm definitely getting the better end of the deal.

sure, He asks that i give it my all.

but for every small bit of effort
i put into this piece of work called life
He puts His touch back into it one hundred fold
and transforms the canvas into an amazing piece of artwork.

blessed. i. am.

Five Minute Friday

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who knew we could have this kind of a summer?